Bolt & Quiver - by Stan!
Still On Hold

No, no . . . I won’t bore you with excuses or lists of everything I’ve been doing . . . none of that matters. If you’re reading this, the only pertinent fact is that I haven’t yet managed to put together the new B&Q site yet.

I’m sorry.

Really . . . I AM.

I WANT Bolt & Quiver to have a working site again. I WANT the classic strips that ran in Dungeon Magazine  and Kobold Quarterly to be available for fans old and new to enjoy . . . and to have a space where I can put new material up.

Anyway, fear not. I AM committed to getting this site up and running at least as a historical archive. I just don’t know when that will be.

Most of all, though . . . thanks for caring enough to check in.